Blender GeoNode Assets

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My Geometry Node Assets are a collection of modifiers/custom nodes for Blender that you can import as an asset library. 

It is my opinion that it is easy for a GeoNode setup to try and do too much. My approach to making modifiers is to think of them as tools in a tool box, and while working on you scene you will often use several tools in combination rather than one 'super-tool.' Many of my modifiers are simple enough to allow for many generic combinations, while others are individual pieces of a modular set and were specifically built to be used in a stack.

My hope with these tools is that they will help you to make what you want, because a tool is only useful when using it achieves your result. With that in mind, I have put a lot of effort into ensuring that only the bare minimum of stylistic or creative choices are hard-coded into the modifiers. Several of the modifiers require 'template' objects or a collection of instances to copy from. The design and style of these element is up to you and will be transferred to the final mesh.

As to the nodes themselves, some were made as solutions to specific problems, such as modeling plants or buildings.  Many of them are setups that I caught myself making and remaking in multiple files, whenever that happens, I try to make note of it as a good potential asset.  Most of the nodes in the collection were extracted from my own project files, with a few (or many) features added.  Each node is a tool that I have found useful for creating something, at some point in time.

The collection currently contains 65 nodes, which range from debug tools... deformers... building tools... generators.

Due to my interest in Tech-Art for games, most of my nodes also create exportable UVs and avoid solutions that require high poly counts.

An interactive list with an overview of every node is available on my website.

Explore the Nodes

Videos about a number of the nodes and how I use them are available on YouTube.

LooseEdges on YouTube

My hope is that these node groups will be of use to you in your projects. The Original Set of nodes is still available for free. However, I would greatly appreciate your purchase of The Complete Collection it is much improved and is where all future nodes will be added. Your support helps to make the time I invest in developing these nodes worthwhile.

Versions of the asset library are available for Blender v3.6.2, Blender v4.0.0, and Blender v4.1.0.

The Complete Collection is required to access the following:

  • All version 11 files (Blender 4.1 update).
  • DJH_GeoNodes_debug_tools.blend
  • DJH_GeoNodes_build_roofs.blend

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Blender Geometry Node Assets

setups that are generally useful
setups with curves and ropes themes
setups with plant themes
setups that copy things
setups that unwrap things
setups to make rooms
setups for testing other setups
setups for building a roof
setup to build a chimney
setups for building fences
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Blender GeoNode Assets

144 ratings
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