DJH Utils (Blender Operators)

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A handful of useful operators that I have wanted Blender to have at one time or another...

I have a very long and cluttered script for Blender that is my go-to place to scribble down any random ideas I have that aren't complete enough to deserve their own addon.

This addon contains some of the more useful (or stable) features from that script.

It adds a handful of operators to blender that you can call from the search menu, add to quick favorites, or create hotkeys for.

My Overview Video about the addon is here: DJH Utils - A Blender Addon

Check out the documentation page for more details: DJH Util Docs


  • Get Material Textures
  • Bridge Node Sockets
  • Randomize Seeds
  • Auto-Name Modifiers
  • Clean Vertex Groups
  • Snap to Near Faces
  • Create Materials for Instances (Instance on Faces Helper)
  • Knife Project Selection
  • Freeze Modifier into Mesh
  • Apply Modifiers Above
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DJH Utils Addon
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DJH Utils (Blender Operators)

8 ratings
I want this!